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Fire Suppression Systems

Questions to Ask When Shopping for Fire Suppression Systems

There are several different ways you can protect yourself and your business from a fire, and while the proper fire extinguishers and a good fire insurance policy are good starts, that should only be the beginning! The truth is that in most cases, especially when it comes to commercial buildings, there is so much more than can be done to protect everyone! An automated fire suppression system makes sense for almost every commercial office or building, and gives protection 24/7 since the sensors that come with these types of systems will look out for any change in smoke, air density, or sudden temperature spikes that can indicate a fire.

However not every system is the same. If you want to make sure you have the right protection for your specific type of business or potential dangers, you need to know the right questions to ask before buying.

Question #1: Which type of fire suppression system to you recommend and why?

Generally speaking there are three different types of fire suppression systems available on the market, and each one is very different from the others. There is the traditional water-based sprinkler system that most people are probably familiar with. This has the longest tenure of any building or floor based fire prevention systems by far and works well to put out fires that are fed naturally because of easy to burn fuel like paper, wood chips, cardboard, or materials of that nature.

There are also aerosol based fire suppression systems and chemical based systems. These latter two are better when dealing with electrical fires, chemical fires, or fires that are from sources that water only makes worse. While at first glance you might think you know which one is best for your particular situation, the truth might not be so clear cut. Ask a professional which one is the best fit for you and then push on the “Why?” part of the question.

Question #2: Will people be safe inside when this system goes off?

Just as with fire extinguishers, some systems are perfectly safe with people around them and don’t cause any potential harm at all. On the other hand depending on the system that works best, people might need to cover their mouths or quickly evacuate the area. It is extremely important that you know and understand all the potential health hazards before hand so you and all your employees can know what the drill is if a fire takes place or the fire suppression system goes off. These are important things to know, especially if safety is involved.

Question #3: Why would you recommend this over other fire suppression systems?

This question is meant to make sure the professional you are hiring knows the difference between good fire suppression systems and isn’t just pushing on specific company that he/she is associated with or might even have an affiliate or bonus relationship with. If you’re going to be spending the money for a full system, you deserve to have one that you know for sure is the best fit for what you need and not just a bonus in a contractor’s pocket.

Question #4: What maintenance is involved with this system?

Everything breaks down over time if it isn’t tested, used, or clean. You don’t want to have your system sitting there 10 years untouched only to fail the first time it is actually needed. Get the run-down on what the maintenance is, if you’re expected to do it or call in a professional, and what the schedule for inspection would be.

Question #5: Is the system automatic or manual?

You want an automatic system for the most protection. If you want a manual switch for a fail safe that is usually not a problem, but there’s no question that you want an automatic system for the best in protection.

In Conclusion

There are many choices out there when it comes to finding the perfect fire suppression systems for your business or commercial buildings. You never know when something might go wrong or even how that accident can occur, but by looking at the many options that you have, you should almost certainly be able to find one that works for your specific building or business needs.



Vent A Hood – The Best In The Business

Are you planning to invest in some high-quality cooking ventilation equipment? If so, you simply can’t go wrong by trusting your money with Vent A Hood – because it’s safe to say they produce some of the best range hoods you’re ever likely to see.

In this guide, we’re going to highlight some of the key reasons why this company is the best producer of range hoods at the moment, so by the time you’ve finished reading you’ll fully understand why this brand is considered the ‘top dog’ in the cooking ventilation industry. Keeping this in mind, let’s get started.

First of all, it’s worth learning some facts about the Vent A Hood company. Since 1933, they’ve been in the cooking ventilation business and from the remarkably humble beginnings of door-to-door sales, they’ve managed to grow into one of the biggest and most respected range hood creators in the world, with an incredible demand for their products in most major countries – but especially the United States and Canada.

One of their best models has to be the Premiere Magic Lung – which comes in either a standard wall mounted, under cabinet, or island design styles. Of course, this gives you excellent versatility in the kitchen, and ultimately allows you to select the best design to suit your individual needs.

When it comes to high-tech features, the Premier Magic Lung certainly doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it boasts a variety of fantastic and unique feature such as the patented SensaSource heat detection system, along with a wonderful high-grade construction that’s definitely built to last. So if you’ve ever been let down by a cheap, inferior range hood – you’re going to be shocked and delighted by the quality on offer from Vent A Hood’s flagship model.

In addition to its impeccable features, it also packs plenty of style thanks to its streamlined construction and curves that make it a natural fit in virtually anyone’s kitchen, regardless of your current style or decor.

But if you’re on a tighter budget, Vent A Hood still have something for you. Another one of their flagship models has to be the incredible M Series range hood, and while it’s sold for a reduced price, there’s no reason to be fooled into thinking it’s a cheap knock off. In fact, it still boasts the high-grade, professional construction which comprises of stainless steel throughout – and it also boasts some fantastic steel baffle filters which give the hood a great deal of effectiveness.

There’s also a 4-speed control system, along with an M-series regulating blower (which is sold separately), giving this budget hood the power and respectability of a professional hood in aspects. You’ll also find this hood is incredibly easy to install, so despite it’s professional grade quality it’ll slot straight into any standard kitchen configuration with ease.

Next, it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the wonderful accessories and optional extras that are sold by the Vent A Hood brand. Of course, while the bulk of your purchase is likely to be one of their state-of-the-art range hoods, they also give you some incredible finishes that add a great deal of style and character to your kitchen. For example, perhaps you would enjoy a textured powder coat finish? These finishes are available in a range of stylish colors that are sure to look fantastic in any kitchen.

You can also buy a variety of decorative bands which give the hood an extra taste of style, with the 18-gauge vertical bands (available in either 1” or 2” widths) being one of the most popular optional extras to buy.

Many people also like to buy the additional warming shelf assembly – and this can be incredibly useful once you have it installed. In fact, it often comes in so handy that you’ll wonder how you managed to cope for so long without one!

Finally, you can choose from several different lightening options, too. In general, you can expect to have the standard dual dimming switch on every model – but if you’re looking to splash out even further then you can also choose to buy the additional housing for the lights, or even have a few additional corner lights installed as well.



Dealing With Fire Hazards In Commercial Buildings By Using Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Every hazard that poses a danger to commercial premises is dreaded. No business owner wants to head to their business premises in the morning only to find out that their establishment has been ravaged by a flood, fire or any other hazard that human settlements are prone to.

It is thus important to deter the occurrence of hazards in the case of human-caused hazards such as fire. In the same line of thought, it is important to have measures to reduce the damage caused by the hazards. In this regard, efforts should be taken to deter the occurrence of fire in commercial buildings.

Commercial fire extinguishers should play a great role in fending off the occurrence of fire as well as negating the destructive power of fire in commercial building such as warehouses and offices. Every effort that goes into installing these systems in commercial premises is a right step towards ensuring that fire never becomes a master of man.

To this end, if you are a business owner you should acquaint yourself with the various types of commercial fire extinguishers and their various uses. By combining this information with an analysis of your business premises, you are in a better position to acquire the right commercial fire extinguishers. Herein are some of the most common fire extinguishers used commercially and the types fire that they are used to fight.

Water & Water Additives Fire Extinguishers For Fighting Class A Fires

Historically, water as played a great role in fighting fires. It, therefore, should come as no surprise that it is still used today as one of the agents used to fight fires.

Water is used to fight Class A fires. These are fires caused by combustion of solid biomass such as wood, paper, textile or burning solid fuel such as coal. To make water even more effective, you can opt for water extinguishers with additives. The additives used are eco-friendly chemicals to enhance the fire suppression capabilities of water.

A choice between the ultra-spray and full jet water fire extinguisher exists for business owners and managers to choose from.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers For Fighting Class F Fires

Class F fires are fires that involve oil. Oil catches fire easily and encourages its growth. The best way to put out the fire usually by starving off any source of oxygen, which is very difficult in a commercial building.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers usually react with oil, producing a layer of protective film that starves off the oil from accessing oxygen to sustain the fire. This extinguishes the fire in as little time as possible.

Dry Powder Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Commercial premises usually have a mixture of fire causatives, including oils, gases and biomass. To fight a fire that is sustained by a mixture of various energy sources dry powder extinguisher is usually the best option. It can be used in fires that are a result of combustion of flammable gases, liquids and solids.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers For Fighting Fires Caused By Flammable Liquids

Carbon dioxide is one of the best ways to reduce the extent of any fire. When used, it surrounds the fire and starves it off oxygen which extinguishes the fire. Since this is not a reactive process, it is best deployed for extinguishing fire caused by flammable liquids such as solvents and other chemicals.

Carbon dioxide is also the best option to use when dealing with electrical-caused fires. Unlike the other liquid based fire extinguishing agents, carbon dioxide does not conduct electricity which causes electrocution risks.

Foam Spray Fire Extinguishers

Foam spray is best used to fight fire involve liquids and represent a direct threat. Fire involving spirits, plastics oils and fats have a tendency of exacerbating very quickly, engulfing the entire source area in a matter of minutes. It is important to have an extinguishing agent that can deal with fire as quickly as it spreads.

This is what foam spray fire extinguishers provide. The form blankets the fire, extinguishing instantly. Moreover, since the surface of the liquid is engulfed, it reduces the chances of the liquid or its fumes re-igniting, thus dealing with the fire comprehensively.

A combination of the various fire extinguishing systems will keep your commercial premises safe by reducing fire hazards and their effects.